Two ball: the Ultimate German Shepherd Game



Hello GSD lovers

TWO BALL:  THE ULTIMATE GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY AND DOG GAME.  I just love two ball.  It is a great way to get phenomenal exercise for your dog, teach obedience, and prepare for training skills for competition later.  Two ball also allows the owner to not have to be in great physical condition and still be able to participate in training the dog.

These balls are hard rubber to guard against your German Shepherd destroying them.  They have a rope handle to give you leverage to launch the ball for a much greater distance.  Here is a picture:


Ok. So you get two of these balls and then march out to the field with your overly excited, exuberant dog to play “two ball”.  Remember to integrate training into the games.  Take one ball, ask your dog to sit (this is so difficult as, if they have some prey drive, they are chomping at the bit to scramble after the ball.  Sometimes I make them platz (down) and only release them after I have thrown the ball and allowed them.  So swing the ball with the rope and let it fly.  Send the dog who will bound after the ball and tell him/her, “bring” or other command.  When they are young, start with very short distances and exaggerated commands and praise, coaxing them constantly to return to you and rewarding them with excessively.

When they bring it back, then bring the other ball out and say “aus” (out).  As they drop in, launch the other.  This sure beats running after then all around the yard to get the ball out of their mouth.  You can mix it up by one time requiring a down, throw, slight pause, release to pursue.

I can’t tell you what a great game this is and how much fun you will have with your friend.  However, if you need to work off that holiday culinary excessiveness (too much food!), then maybe “one ball”, with you chasing your dog, might be in order! smiley

Please take a look at it on our growing instructional K-9 U (click here) for more helpful articles .

I hope you enjoy playing this game with your German shepherd puppy or adult as much as I have.











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