Puppy Development for German Shepherd Breeders


Hello GSD lovers

Puppy Development Techniques:  Please look online on youtube at our new German Shepherd puppy video on helpful techniques for puppy development for Geman shepherd breeders.  In it we show some of what we do here at Banffy Haus to prepare your puppy.

Please take a look at it on our growing instructional video webpage. (click here).

Giving puppies a head start is so vital.  Make certain your breeder is not so big or so commercial that they don’t take the time to nurture and individually treat each puppy in a litter.  Since we normally only have one litter at a time, we can know each puppy individually.  We can know them by name.

We will be sharing more and more about this issue, and will reveal things as we learn through our experimentation with our puppies.

My goal is to make your life with your German shepherd puppies as enjoyable as possible.







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