The Holiday Minefield for German Shepherd Puppies.

Hello GSD lovers

Making the Holiday Safe for Your German Shepherd

Many holiday items create a mine field of potential problems for you dog, but especially for your German Shepherd puppy. The GSD has a very sensitive stomach and certain foods like turkey can cause diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and death fairly quickly in a puppy. Chicken and Turkey bones can splinter and cause a dog to choke. Chocolate is a deadly toxin for dogs. If you suspect they have eaten it, get in contact with your vet or pet emergency/poison control center immediately.

Be careful that your puppy or dog does not consume food wrapped in foil or plastic. Watch out for poinsettias and holly. It is advisable to not feed human food to your dog or radically change their diets during the holiday season. Also remember that it an obese German shepherd puppy or dog is not cute but grotesque, cruel and unhealthy. Be safe and don’t let the kids slip them a cookie or other treat.

Be careful and watch for potential aberrant behavior during this season. It is stressful and confusing for your dog to have all of the visitors, interlopers into his/her pack. Be careful not to turn your back with all of the new toys, especially with your puppy who can quickly ingest small pieces of things.

Please visit our German Shepherd K-9 University for further useful articles and videos.

Above all, love and cherish your German shepherd puppy, keeping them safe this holiday season.

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