Designer dogs vs. German Shepherds: A Kind of Biased Report

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers:

This is really quite sickening what we have done with dogs to satisfy our vanity and desire for novelty.  Designer dogs are just that.  Chiweenie, Daniff, Chipoo, Borador, Pitweiler, Newfypoo, Chorkie, Beabull, Mastador, Snorkie, Labrashepherd (how hideous), Golden Shepherd (this is just wrong), Morkie, Maltipoo, Jack Chi, Schnoodle, Boglen Terrier, Chizer, Borgi, what are we doing?  Dogs were originally bred for the purpose of serving mankind.  Most of these breeds have no working or service utility whatsoever.  On the old farm, if an animal could not do enough work to pay for feed, it was sold.  Certainly they can provide joy to their masters.  No doubt.  But, they are only good to be served rather than to serve, pampered and spoiled just as we do our children.  Is mankind now serving rather than being served?

Have we lost our bearings?  Will we eventually lose the elegance of dog in motion, doing what it was molded and refined to do?  Swimming to gather the spoil of his best friends hunt, ratting out rodents that vexed their human companions.  Protecting with valor their flocks that were provision and necessity for their two footed families.

Let us consider the German shepherd for example.  It’s canine Einsteinian intelligence puts it in the top three of all dogs.  It serves as one of the most effective sets of eyes for the visually impaired.  It serves its auditory function as servant to the hearing impaired with skill and aplomb.   It is on the first line as an intrepid searcher and rescuer of those in danger, having saved thousands of human lives, Johnny on the spot, ready to work at any moment, eager to please.  It can smell out cancer in human tissue, find out and thwart the scum that deal death to our children.  It can form such an intimate bond with its human companion that it can sense miniscule changes in human chemistry and alert their charge to avert the danger of an imminent seizure.  And these intrepid beasts serve on the front lines, taking bullets for their trusted masters, sniffing out explosives, lead scouts taking the first fire in the line of duty as soldiers, as courageous care-takers willing to go where no man would.  They will dive into frigid waters to save a sorry soul whom they have never met, catapult themselves through glass or flame with no regard for their safety.  They are civil servants, decorated protectors, soldiers par excellence.   These shepherds are the king of canines, the barons of beasts, music in motion, the prince of protectors, the most fearless of friends, our unflinching understudies.  Ok, maybe I have gone over the top a bit…well, a lot.  But how fun would this blog be if I didn’t?

I thank those German shepherds breeders here and abroad who endeavor to maintain this magnificent breed for our progeny and for the service of mankind.  This is what is dog should and must be. Please visit our K-9 U for helpful informational articles for your German Shepherd.


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