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Cleaning Dogs Ears

Hello German shepherd puppies and dogs owners: This is Dr. Banfe of Banfe Haus German Shepherds. Below are some pointers on cleaning your dogs ears taken from an article I wrote on the k-9 college, with an important addition.  Caveat: If your dogs ears are flapped over and not yet erect, please make certain to […]

The Automatic Dog Training Technique by Banffy Haus

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers: I hope all of you will have a very blessed Christmas.  For those wondering, yes we do have ONE big male import German shepherd puppy for sale from Germany that can be delivered prior to Christmas.  CLICK HERE! But now…on the automatic dog training technique.  This is a follow-up to […]

You Are Always in Training with your German Shepherd

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers: My father used to tell me that military academy was good for me because the structure would keep me out of trouble.  Indeed it did and it was good for me.  I developed patterns of behavior, respect and cleanliness, integrity and discipline, which have helped me during all of my […]