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The Critical Training Tool for German Shepherds: THE WALK

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers: Walking your dog is one of the most enjoyable and useful bonding AND training experiences you can have together. It cannot be underestimated. It is tool for correction of bad habits, setting pack order, superior exercise, wonderful for developing your relationship, good for socialization. It is so essential for your […]

DESTRUCTIVE CHEWING: German Shepherd Puppies

Hello German Shepherd puppies owners: So your German shepherd is mouthy and driving you nuts. Join the crowd. German shepherd puppies are especially mouthy during the teething stage. They are cutting teething and chewing is like rubbing something that hurts until it gets numb. Some people find relief for their pups by getting a teething […]

Designer dogs vs. German Shepherds: A Kind of Biased Report

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers: This is really quite sickening what we have done with dogs to satisfy our vanity and desire for novelty.  Designer dogs are just that.  Chiweenie, Daniff, Chipoo, Borador, Pitweiler, Newfypoo, Chorkie, Beabull, Mastador, Snorkie, Labrashepherd (how hideous), Golden Shepherd (this is just wrong), Morkie, Maltipoo, Jack Chi, Schnoodle, Boglen Terrier, […]

Getting their due: Puppy Mills and cruelty

Hello German Shepherd Puppies owners and breeders: On Tuesday Ohio, one of the centers of puppy mill style dog breeders, known for their cruelty to their animals, finally passed a landmark bill.  The bill restricts the ability of breeders to mistreat the dogs they are raising for sale. Ohio had virtually no legal oversight of […]

CAREFUL: German Shepherd Puppies ears… some advice

        Hello German shepherd Lovers. This is Dr. Banfe: In this blog post I want to help owners of German Shepherd puppies with questions about ears. Yes German shepherd ears should stand on their own, but don’t always do so.  Some have “soft ears” or soft cartilage.  It is possible they may […]