German Shepherd puppies: Health and Cleanliness

Hello German Shepherd puppies lovers:

This is Dr. Banfe.


I would like to write this blog to address a couple of important issues about German shepherd puppies and puppy development.  Here at Banffy Haus German Shepherds we take a holistic approach to puppy development.  Our approach addresses four separate areas.

The first is health and cleanliness.  We think that puppies can benefit from early intervention in these two areas.  First, we us a plastic whelping box to inhibit spread of germs to the newborns and growing pups.  We also use ceramic tile and epoxy group in the nursery which inhibits the growth of bacteria.  It is also easy to clean and liquid body waste cannot penetrate the group or ceramic tile to create a harbor for bacteria growth and mold.  We then use painters fabric drop cloths (4 x 15 cut into three 4×5 pieces and available at Lowes) for the surface layer for the puppies.  It absorbs urine and mom can still clean up the feces easily.  Also, these are thrown into the garbage after use and can be changed quite often.  We have a 4×4 piece of fairly rigid plastic which fits into the box onto which we tape the sheet. The cost is reasonable, especially considering you are breeding world class pups.  We also use a biodegradable zoo disinfectant to mop the tile and clean out the plastic whelping box.  I will address other issues in the next blog.

Please visit our newest import litter at VA1 Fred/V Ussa to see a truly world class pairing.

I hope that this blog might be a help to owners of German Shepherd Puppies as well as German Shepherd Breeders.

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