Taping German Shepherd puppies ears

Hello German shepherd lovers:

This blog is a continuation of one I began on how to deal with German shepherd puppies ears which do not stand erect.   It will also tell you when you should begin being concerned.

You can see the full article by clicking on my German Shepherd K-9 University.

So you have determined it is time to artificially aid the ears. But first, no matter what technique you use, carefully clean the ears with an ear cleaner.  This can be purchased or at you can consider the solution I offer in the article, but at your own risk.

There are a number of ways to aid the ear including:

1. getting your vet to tape them with a surgical tape, hopefully one that doesn’t stick well to hair.

2. Some people tape foam hair rollers to the inside.

3. Purchase foam GSD ear forms from a friend in Germany (around $20 per set)

4. Moleskin glued to the inside of the ears

But here are a couple of solutions that have worked for me. These have been a real help. First of all you can buy “Tear Menders” glue on amazon. It is actually sold as dog ear glue. I found this glue to be the best glue by far for artificial ear support solutions. Here are two solutions:

1. If the ears are not to large yet and or they only need a little aiding, maybe only the tips, buy Breath-rite strips, the large and stiffest ones. Place them on the inside of the ear to support standing. They may last in the ear without any Tear Menders. But if they keep coming out, you can use the glue. If they stay in for a few days, that is successful.

2. If you need more help, you can use any of the ideas above and glue them in using the glue. You can then wrap tape around the ear at the bottom and top to secure it, although you may not have to.

3. Another idea: I make my own forms out of a piece of leather or gray pipe foam insulation. You can get a nice sized piece at a leather store for a reasonable cost considering how many forms you can make out of it. Wet it, roll into shape, and let it dry. It shouldn’t be too thick to put weight on the ear but just a natural support. You can experiment with different shapes. I got a form from Germany and then used them to make my pattern. But larger ears need larger forms, smaller, smaller forms. Foam insulation also works well.

Make certain to check the ears for infection often. If you smell something foul, it is probably bacteria setting in. Keep them up for a week or two and then see if they stand and stay there. If they begin to drop again, start the process over. The oldest I have heard of remediating floppy ears was around 10 months old. But this is unusual.

Good luck, and I hope this helps those of you who own German shepherd puppies and have to deal with this issue.

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