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Hello Dr. Banfe:Just wanted to let you know that Solo (the world’s greatest pup) is doing great!  He is growing incredibly fast, the red is really starting to show and his ears are making their first attempts at coming up.  At just over 10 weeks he already knows “sit” , “down”, and “come”, and is relatively well crate trained with me getting up only once in the night to take him out.  Your method definitely has produced a solid, stable pup that was incredibly well socialized from day one.  Having seen the kennels (when I picked up Solo) and seen the sweet, lovable temperament of both Parla and Kati it is no wonder the pups are so nice.  Anyway, thanks again.  In an age when the internet can make anyone look good, you guys are the real deal.

Best regards,

Scott Rogan, DVM

Scott Rogan DVM

Peter, It was a real pleasure meeting you. Thanks again for putting this deal together. Our pup is such a delight. She seems to be housebroken as we have had zero accidents ! Very playful pup indeed .Your service and assistance has truly been world class.  With appreciation


Dear Peter: As I indicated to you on the telephone I have spent a considerable amount of time researching breeders of quality German Shepherd Dogs with a 5-6 hour drive. Having done so I have concluded that you offer exactly what we have been looking for. Your ethics, quality of dogs you breed, concern for the proper placement and a willingness to help educate us so that we can become the best possible owners that this puppy deserves is invaluable. Also, the fact that you do this for the love of the breed as opposed to earning a living means a lot not to mention the pricing structure. Pricing them so that they are affordable to the average family is another indicator of your character. From the research I’ve done so far it is obvious that you could charge considerably more for dogs of this quality.

West Virginia

Dr. Banfe: Look forward to hearing back from you Doc, thanks for working with me and helping us to move on to what will hopefully be the right dog for us, its not to often anymore in todays society to find someone honest.


I just wanted to let you know that Siegfried’s flight was right on time and he is doing great! He has been nothing but wonderful. It has only been two days and he is already learning our routine. He is a very intelligent and beautiful pup. We could not be any more pleased. Thank you for everything.


PERFECT dog for me. I cant thank you enough. He is truly everything I was looking for. He looks forward to being worked and has the desire to please me no matter what we are doing. His personality is not only exactly what I was looking for but he has an incredible nose and great play drive! His obedience is going great and we have also started his tracking. I have also finished the first phase of the obstacle course my parents have at their business, which he loves as well! I just really cant express to you how grateful I am and how he truly is exactly what I was looking for. I attached a picture of him on the obstacle course at my parents business.   Thanks again for everything!


I can’t thank you enough for Santana. He is such an amazing puppy! He’s so smart. It’s only been 3 days and he is mostly house-broken and already knows how to sit on command! We plan on teaching him something new every week. Thanks again for this amazing addition to our lives!


I had to write you again. Smartest dog ever! He already knows how to sit and lie down after only 4 days! I’ll start sending a few pics as he gets bigger. 11.2 lbs and growing!


As you said, a super specimen……
He has a sister named Quenda, I started to show her, ( conformation)
and they are very sociable with others in the events.
People ask me where Argos comes from..I give the your name.

New York

Thank you a MILLION TIMES OVER for coming through for us. Your honestly and care though the entire process helped ease our anxiety and we now know that there is no other dog for us…Jeck is wonderful, more than anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for taking the time to hear us out, learn what we wanted in a new family member, and most importantly your honestly though the process. We will keep you up to date on Jeck. We plan on getting his “BH” immediately and then move him steadily through his SH1 – SH3.