Banffy Haus German Shepherd Puppies:  Bios/Philosophy

(Breeders of black and red German shepherd puppies)

Dr. Peter L. Banfe, PhD, MSci, MBA, BA
President: Banffy Haus German Shepherds

CLICK HERE to see the “Seven Simple R’s for Dog Behavioral Integration” (Written by Dr. Banfe)

Dr. Banfe (“Banffy” is the correct Hungarian spelling) was brought up with a deep love of animals. His father used to import exotic animals from South America. His mother was enamored with animals and actually raised a baby grizzly bear for a period of time. But dogs have always been his love. He has a good understanding of animal behavior. To the right is a picture of the Banfe family. Peter, his son (upper right) is a trainer, reproductive assistant, and kennel manager. Aniko, his daughter, and his wife Sherrie take care of cleaning kennels and tending all puppies. Sherrie, his wife, takes care of all paperwork and shipping arrangements. BanffyHaus is truly a family operation.

BanffyHaus ships dogs all over the United States, and has also placed dogs in Canada and Argentina.

To further his understanding of dog behavior, Dr. Banfe has applied Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy to dogs, and theorized that the first “need” dogs must have satisfied is that of pack order, even prior to sustenance (food). For example, in the wild a dog which does not know its pack position can be spurned (rejected) by an Alpha or higher position pack mate, when approaching to partake in eating a kill. Learning their pack order is essential to survival. Therefore, he argues this is natural to the canine, and it is essential for owners to clearly set pack order. One might claim it is cruel to a dog to leave them in an amorphous pack without a clear authority structure. They need pack discipline and thrive on clear lines of authority. If not, they can become confused by the authority dissonance, and develop many deviant behaviors such as dominance aggression. All his clients are highly encouraged to formally train these magnificent beasts, which, as a breed are very close to the wolf, so that they are also known as an Alsatian Wolf-Hounds in a number of countries.

Dr. Banfe has had some agility training experience, a number of years experience in Schutzhund (protection), and many years in obedience. His first schutzhund male, an UlkArlett (the legendary 1995 German Sieger World Champion) son from Germany, scored 97 protection, 91 tracking, 90 obedience in his Schutzhund I and “pronounced” in courage and fighting drive in his first trial. Dr. Banfe has had personal training with Jack Schurmann, 1991 Belgian “Sportsman of the Year” and well-known Schutzhund trainer.

His training and teaching abilities do not stop with animals.