Our Kennels: The Home of Banffy Haus German Shepherd Breeders

Here are some pictures of the new home site for our kennels for our German shepherd puppies in the hills of Corryton Tennessee.  The hills have some breathtaking landscapes, lush greens and beautiful hills.

We spared nothing when we built this new kennel, incorporating what I have learned in over a decade of kennel research and experimentation.  Please read our kennel design page that you can get to on the home page and see what we did and how you can design a top quality, reasonably priced micro-kennel.

The kennels are in a Mennonite barn with a cement pad.  We use L-BarM kennels, some of what I consider the top kennels today.  They also make wild exotic animals cages and are located in California.  We have professional insulated wood dog boxes inside for our friends to get out of the heat and cold.  We use aluminum dog doors with plexiglass.

We have built a lovely nursery with A/C, heat, an imported European plastic whelping box, plastic to obviate germs.  We made the floor with ceramic tile and epoxy grout.

The kennel has its own septic and every kennel its own roof.  There are many other features which you can read about on the “Kennel Design and other Tips” page.  Enjoy the pictures.  And then visit us and see our beautiful black and red German shepherd puppies.