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Banffy Haus German Shepherds Presents German Pink Papered Import


Dana vom Lüttersbruch

HD1 Hips (best), ED1 Elbows (best), GERMAN PINK PAPERED

Also will come AKC and DNA registered (ready to register her pups AKC)

ONLY $3,750

DOB:  August 13, 2013

1.5 years old!

Dana has arrived at our kennels in Tennessee and is from the famous Lüttersbruch in Germany. The breeder is a well known, German shepherd judge in Germany, Karl-Heinz Gladbach. The litter she was in produced “Danio”, a gorgeous male feature on the Lüttersbruch Kennel website (click to visit the site).  She is the daughter of V8 Pepe vom Kuckucksland and grand-daughter of VA Fulz de Zenevredo.
1.  Dana is a good sized female at around 59 cm.  Big chest, nice head, excellent bone and pigment.

2.  Dana has some obedience and has been exposed to bitework. She has a rock solid temperament and LOVES people.

3.  Dana is a beautiful dog with super bloodlines.

4.  Dana is an unusually intelligent dog.  She is also confident but subordinates to her human leader.

5.  Dana exhibits confidence around other dogs.

What a super dog for a family or hobby breeder.  There are no guarantees that she can produce pups, but she just finished her heat cycle and all appeared normal.  She is very healthy and athletic.

What a super pink papered young German female.  She will become a legend in someone’s family.