Venja and Heidi’s Story

Date first:


DOB:   3/5/10 (6 years old)

Kennel:  Kleinen Mohr, Germany

Show Rating:  V Excellent

Titles:  SchH1, AD, BH

Joints:  HD1 and ED1 (top hips and elbows)

Lines:  2x VA1 world champ Vegas Granddaughter


DOB:  6/9/16 (two days!)

Parents:  V, IPO3 Kimon V. EmkendorferPark vs. V SchH1 Venja Kleinen Mohr

Bloodlines and litter info:  CLICK HERE  (line bred off of 2xva1 world champ Yasko)

First of all the story.

So, nature does not always cooperate.  Three days ago I experienced the nightmare of breeders.  Venja had 6 puppies in her womb.  She was in labor.  What I didn’t know was that they had likely been under stress for a day or two.  The vet told me most all the puppies had strong heartbeats.  But somehow they had misinformed me.  Later they apologized.  But, there I was in the car on the way home and a puppy was born on the crate.  When I got home he was unresponsive.  So I must have spent 20 minutes with heart massage and blowing mouth to muzzle into he lungs gently, rubbing him, trying everything my 15 years of breeding had taught me.  But, I could not save him.  Finally I accepted the inevitable.

But then Heidi was born next.  She was very stressed but not finished.  I worked with her and worked with her, pinching her and rubbing her.  And then all of a sudden she snapped to life, crying and wriggling and fussing.   She was clearly a survivor and has proven to be a real go getter.  Even after the stress of the first day she latched on to the nipple.  Her other siblings, sadly enough, I could not revive from the stress and did not live.  I have never experienced this much discouragement in a litter in all my years of breeding.

But Heidi is a special pup.  She appears to have wonderful red pigment.  She is vivacious and very vocal.  Mom, as you would expect, is very vigilant whenever I tend the puppy.  Such a special sight to see her nursing her one and only child.

I have decided, if possible, to sell the two of them together.  I think it would be a wonderful thing to have these two generations together, especially what happened.  Mom and daughter.

Venja is a top female.  Some of her progeny had done very well in Germany.  CLICK HERE to see information on one of her progeny scoring SG1 (highest in the Jungenklasse) rating in Europe!  Here is another scoring V2!!! CLICK HERE.  She is still young enough to have a couple of more litters.   I would be willing to advise if someone wants to do so.

Venja and Heidi will go to the first buyer who we believe will provide a good home for them. ?  Please call 740 815 4205.